Turmeric: the color of the sun to light up the skin

The actual, long lockdown is challenging not only for our mind but also for our skin.

Even if at home we aren’t subjected to UV rays and and outdoor pollution, other harmful agents have a negative effect on our skin: indoor air pollutants, so-called VOCs, oxidize the tissues and promote skin inflammation, blue lights of PCs, laptops and smartphones penetrate the skin causing damage similar to UV rays, such as premature aging, skin discolouration, dehydration and damage to the barrier function. The lack of fresh air implies a difficulty for the skin to remain oxygenated and shining, while the lack of sunlight, fundamental for the production of vitamin D capable of strengthening the skin cells, weakens the skin and dulls the complexion. As the days go by, the skin then becomes duller, dehydrated and increasingly fragile.

A study conducted in 2018 by Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency on 23 quarantined people verified that just 15 days of lockdown are enough to leave visible effects on the skin: barrier defenses are lowered, sebum production increases and inflammatory mechanisms are favored.

The good news is that all the negative effects of lockdown can be prevented and canceled to regain a healthy, hydrated and radiant skin. The solution comes to us from nature: turmeric.

Root originally from South Asia, with a particular amber-yellow color, it is rich in beneficial substances, such as curcumin, with great antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. It contains large quantities of illuminating and energizing vitamin C, also a powerful antioxidant that works together with curcumin. It is also an excellent sebum regulator.

Karys Due has developed a complete face line based on turmeric able to improve the appearance of the skin and give new light and energy to the complexion. The line is also enriched with fruit AHA, exfoliating agents that balance the pH of the skin, stimulating the synthesis of collagen and promoting cell renewal and skin microcirculation.

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