Quality assurance

We make you products with the same care you would

A series of meticulous controls

All our products are subject to stringent checks at every stage of production: we verify the suitability of raw materials and packaging; we assure the coherence of the physico-chemical parameters of the bulk; we test for microbiological contamination before and after packing. From the beginning through to the end, every product is carefully monitored to ensure quality and safety.

A hand with bureaucracy

If you want, we can handle for you the registration of your products to the European public authority, in compliance with international laws and European cosmetic regulations.

Furthermore, we are able to offer support with the relevant documentation for Italian and foreign markets, also through the creation of Product Information Files.

Certifications speak for themselves

Our commitment towards quality in every aspect results in careful controls at every stage of production, state of the art equipment, scrupulous compliance with the regulations, ethics and respect for the environment.

This effort is vouched for by all the important certifications we attained over the years.