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Our story, Mission and Values

Our story

Founded in 1996 and initially providing just a packaging service, we soon expanded with a research and development laboratory, a bulk production department and a marketing department, which are essential for the process of creating a cosmetic products in its entirety.

After being contracted to produce them for several years, Karys Due acquired the cosmetic brands Hanorah and Acque di Italia in 2012.
The company now began to explore market trends in order to find innovative solutions and products in line with industry demands.

In 2015 the entry of new shareholders promoted a refocusing of corporate goals and led to the restructuring of the organisation.

In 2019 the strategical decision to focus on contract manufacturing, leads the company to sell out all the owned brands, Hanorah and Acque di Italia.

In 2022 Karys Due is acquired by Cleys, becoming its Premium Division for the production of high-end cosmetics for the skin care and hair care segment.


We want to meet the needs of all current and potential customers in the domestic and international markets, who are looking not only for a contractor to produce quality cosmetics for them but also a trusted partner with whom to build lasting relationships.

We provide added value through a personalised service, support at every stage of the process, and proactivity.

Through our daily commitment and the review of our processes, we want to contribute to the creation of a world in which ethics, respect for the environment and social commitment are essential conditions.

Our values