Volumizing serum

Rich in moisturising components, tis formula acts on the hair fibre, providing deep repair and restoration. It contains specific active ingredients capable of nourishing, redensifying and volumising all hair types, especially fine, dry or brittle hair. It acts on both the structure and the surface of the hair, giving immediate consistency and radiance to the hair and protecting it from external agents and excessive heat.

Hair care, Hair, Volumize, Nourish

For fine, dry, brittle hair

Active substances

Wheat micro-proteins
natural ingredients that nourish and hydrate the hair structure, giving radiance, vitality and softness. They play an important protective role for the hair, repairing the cuticle and helping to preserve the colour.
Shea Butter
rich in vitamins and nourishing substances, it has calming, emollient, moisturising properties. It provides root-to-tip nourishment and shine to dry hair.
Aloe Vera
moisture-replenishing, emollient and refreshing properties.
Sugar derivative
effective moisturiser.
Without Parabens, silicones

Instructions for use

Apply from the roots to the tips. On wet hair before curling, for a thermo-protective effect; on dry hair after curling, for combating the electrostatic effect and improving styling definition.


White PET bottle with spray nozzle and transparent cap
200 ml

3 colors printing