Smoothing conditioner

Suitable for all hair types, but particularly recommended for frizzy, rebellious and stressed hair, this formulation nourishes and revitalises the hair: it restores softness and elasticity and ensures a smoothing, anti-frizz effect. The hair becomes tamer and easier to comb.

Hair care, Hair, Discipline, Nourish

For all hair types

Active substances

Conditioning agents
delicate agents that soften the hair fibre and perform a detangling, smoothing action.
Polymer compound
conditioning and lubricating, it creates a protective film that maintains hair hydration during the drying or straightening process.
Silicone complex
it makes the surface of the hair smoother, producing sheen and radiance and creating an easy-comb effect.
Without Parabens, sls, SLES

Instructions for use

After shampooing, towel dry the hair and massage in the product, working through to the ends. Leave for a few minutes, then rinse with plenty of lukewarm water and comb through to untangle the hair. Dry. Do not apply on damaged skin or mucous membranes; avoid contact with the eyes.


White PE bottle with white disk-top cap
250 ml

3 colors printing