Scented spray lotion for dogs&cats

Delicately perfumed, this spray lotion gently refreshes the animal’s fur without bothering its olfactory system. Reinvigorating and revitalising, it helps to restore the natural gloss of the coat, leaving it fresh and scented.

Pets, Animal mantle, Clean

For every kind of fur

Active substances

Glycolic extract of icelandic moss
antiseptic, antifungal and dermo-purifying, for a clean, shiny coat.
Aloe vera
with moisture-replenishing, emollient and refreshing properties, it prevents dehydration of the animal’s skin.
Without Parabens, mineral oils

Instructions for use

Spray evenly onto the coat from a distance of approximately 25-30 cm, taking care to avoid the eyes, nose, mouth and ears of the animal.


Transparent PET bottle with white spray cap
200 ml

4 colors printing