Restoring toning emulsion

This special emulsion, so soft and refreshing after a bath or shower, is formulated to tone the skin without upsetting its pH. Creatine and taurine are able to detoxify muscle structures, making this product particularly suitable after physical activity or for those experiencing heaviness of the limbs. The phytoamines promote restoration of optimal skin hydration levels. It also carries out a repairing action on the epidermis.

Man, Body, Energize, Tone-up

For all skin types

Active substances

Guarana extract
for a toning and draining action. It increases resistance to fatigue due to a tonic-stimulating effect.
Ginseng extract
increases the intensity of the oxidative processes in the skeletal muscles, resulting in a reduction in the sensation of stress and body fatigue.
Taurine and Creatine
detoxifying and muscular protection action.
combination of mimosa extract and a group of amino acids, it stimulates the processes of skin repair after damage caused by external agents.
Vitamin E derivative
anti-oxidant, moisturising and soothing action.
Without Parabens, alcohol, mineral oils or allergens

Instructions for use

Apply product after showering or bathing, massaging in until fully absorbed.


Transparent frosted tube with black flip-top cap with seal
250 ml

3 colors printing