Refreshing foot cream

This light formula is designed to provide relief to tired feet. It is enriched with blueberry and ivy extracts, especially intended to stimulate the superficial cutaneous micro-circulation and relieve the sensation of fatigue and swelling. Its quick-absorbing texture is ideal for massage. The mint and menthol it contains bring a pleasant feeling of freshness and help against bad smells.

Body care, Feet, Moisturize, Nourish

For reddened, tired and puffy feet

Active substances

Distilled Witch Hazel Water
it contains tannins that show a specific tropism towards cell membranes and vascular walls, exhibiting a vasoprotective action. It also has re-epithelising and soothing properties.
Mint and Menthol
refreshing and anti-odour.
Blueberry extract
with a lightening and anti-free radical action, it preserves the tonicity of the capillary network, giving relief and comfort to reddened skin.
Glycolic extract of Ivy
with draining, stimulating and toning properties. Especially suitable for those with cellulite, water retention and swelling.
Without Parabens, fragrance, alcohol, mineral oils

Instructions for use

After your foot bath, massage gently into the feet, ankles and lower limbs, working from the bottom to the top.


White tube with white flip-top cap with seal
75 ml

4 colors printing