Perfect curls emollient sculpting wax

Developed to meet the needs of wavy or curly hair, this sculpting wax defines the curl in a natural way, preserving volume and elasticity. The protective polymers contained in the formula wrap the hair in an invisible film, which shapes the curl and ensures strong hold and a long-lasting, anti-frizz effect. It also protects it from the heat generated by hair-dryers or straighteners, harsh external factors and humidity. It does not leave residues or stickiness.

Hair care, Hair, Styling

For wavy or curly hair

Active substances

Texturising agent
filming and filling gel, it acts on damaged hair to make it soft and smooth.
Filming polymer
it protects against damage due to heat, harsh external factors and dampness. Provides excellent long-lasting hold of the curl shape.
Vegetable glycerin
highly moisturising and nourishing action that leaves the hair soft, protected and deeply hydrated.
Without Parabens, silicones, peg, alcohol or mineral oils

Instructions for use

Apply on dry hair, concentrating on the length, and shape into the chosen style. It can also be applied to wet or towel-dried hair before drying.


White PETG jar with white lid
200 ml

3 colors printing