Nourishing and protective shower oil

Perfect for your daily shower, it caresses the body with an delicate texture that turns into creamy foam. Designed for a gentle but effective cleansing, it gives the skin immediate comfort, leaving it soft, velvety and smooth. Thanks to the bran oil it contains, its cleanses by affinity and not by SLES saponification, making this product gentle and less aggressive.

Body care, Body, Moisturize, Nourish

For all skin types

Active substances

Rice Bran Oil
emollient, smoothing and protective properties.
a hydrophilic emollient, gentle on the skin.
Vegetable glycerin
has the natural ability to retain water in the tissues. Its highly moisturising action keeps the skin soft, protected and deeply hydrated.
Without SLES, parabens, alcohol, formaldehyde

Instructions for use

During the shower or bath, apply the product on wet skin and massage gently until a light lather is formed. Rinse.


White PET bottle with white flip-top cap
200 ml

4 colors printing