No tears baby shampoo

This ultra-gentle shampoo is formulated with regard to the fragile balance of the child’s scalp. Its complex of non-aggressive detergents remove impurities without bothering the natural microflora of the skin. Its formula is also enriched with substances that help to avoid redness and irritation in children’s skin and eyes, together with conditioning and soothing agents that calm the irritation. It leaves the hair soft, shiny and easy to comb.

Baby, Body, Clean

For all skin types

Active substances

Amino acids from coconut oil and fermented sugar
gentle cleansers that respect and help to maintain the skin’s barriers and its natural microflora. Suitable for sensitive, easily irritated skins.
it replenishes and protects the physiological lipid layer, avoiding dehydration and dryness in the skin. It protects and soothes the sensitive skin of children.
Chamomile extract
extracted from dried Chamomilla Recutita L. flower heads, this extract is particularly suitable for reddened, delicate or sensitive skin; it has dermo-purifying, emollient, refreshing and soothing properties.
Without Parabens, silicones, mineral oils, alcohol, SLES

Instructions for use

Pour a small amount of product on the baby’s wet hair and massage gently. Rinse with lukewarm water and repeat if necessary. Suitable for daily use even in the first few days.


Transparent PET bottle with transparent pump
300 ml

4 colors printing