No-rinse anti-frizz illuminating emulsion

This rich multi-purpose emulsion is formulated to tame the frizz, and to instantly condition the hair, making it easier to comb. With its combination of texturising ingredients that maintain hydration, this formulation protects the hair structure and facilitate the curl. The style achieved has therefore better, improved durability, with softer and more flexible curls. It is also suitable for styling straight hair using curling tongs.

Hair care, Hair, Moisturize, Light-up, Nourish

For frizzy, curly and rebellious hair

Active substances

Protective silicones
they wrap around the hair fibre, preserving its structure.
Jojoba oil
it nourishes and hydrates the hair bulb. It helps to form a protective film over the hair structure, which remains silky and fuller to the touch.
Vitamin E
anti-oxidant action.
Wheat germ oil
rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6, it bestows energy and shine on the hair.
Glycolic extract of Bamboo
the internal lymph of Bamboo contains amino acids, vitamins, mineral salts and silicon, all of which are essential to preserving the integrity of the hair. It improves its resilience and protects it against external agents.
Without Parabens, mineral oils, alcohol

Instructions for use

After shampooing, remove excess water from the hair and spread the product along its entire length, rubbing gently; then style as required.


White PET bottle with spray nozzle and transparent cap
200 ml

3 colors printing