Intimate cleanser

This intimate cleansing product is developed for daily personal hygiene, both during and after pregnancy. It cleanses gently without altering the natural defences of the skin. It contains Thyme essential oil, with natural antibacterial properties, and Triclosan, with a disinfectant function. It therefore helps to prevent rashes from breaking out.

Mom, Personal care, Clean

For all skin types

Active substances

White thyme essential oil
a natural antiseptic
powerful antimicrobial agent
Rice proteins
protective against external agents
Lactic acid
with exfoliating, pH regulating and skin conditioning properties.
Without Parabens, silicones, mineral oils, alcohol, perfume

Instructions for use

Dilute 1 or 2 doses in water or pour directly onto the palm of the hand, clean and rinse thoroughly.


White PE bottle with white pump
200 ml

2 colors printing