Gentle facial scrub

Exfoliating gel for an effective yet gentle face scrub, it contains jojoba wax beads that deeply purify and smooth the texture of the skin. It eliminates impurities and dead cells for a skin that is immediately brighter and healthier. The special gel formulation and the presence of natural spheres that melt in when massaged, make this product suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

Skin care, Face, Exfoliate

For all skin types, especially if sensitive

Active substances

Jojoba wax beads
they remove impurities and dead cells through a gentle but deep exfoliating action.
Witch hazel water
astringent, soothing, restorative properties. Suitable for sensitive skin.
natural component of the skin hydrolipidic film, it retains water due to its strong hygroscopic action, hydrating the skin and giving it a healthier look.
it stimulates the regeneration of the stratum corneum through the physiological elimination of dead cells. Has a moisturizing, soothing and anti-irritant action.
Sodium PCA
it increases the retention of water in the stratum corneum ensuring a optimal skin hydration level.
Without SLES, parabens, silicones, alcohol and mineral oils

Instructions for use

Apply to face and neck with a gentle circular massage and rinse thoroughly with warm water. Once a week for dry skin; 2/3 times a week for normal and combination skin.


Frosted tube with white flip-top cap
150 ml

2 colors printing

Frosted tube with white flip-top cap + silver wire
150 ml

1 color printing + hot foil