Extra-soothing anti-redness sos serum

Based on anti-reddening plant extracts, this concentrated moisturising serum performs an effective soothing and calming action on all skin types, making it a perfect SOS intensive treatment. Its formula acts simultaneously on the tonicity of the capillary micro-circulation and on the hydrolipidic film. This increases skin resistance, reduces the risk of redness, and improves skin hydration, ensuring maximum protection and comfort. Its fresh, light texture is immediately absorbed, leaving the skin soothed and deeply moisturised.

Skin care, Face, Couperose, Moisturize, Level

Especially for sensitive, reddened, irritated, sensitised or dehydrated skin

Active substances

Pure organic hyaluronic acid concentrate
it hydrates and improves the protective cutaneous barrier.
Phospholipids β-Sitosterol/Escin extracted from horse-chestnut
it maintains the physiological permeability of the skin and capillaries; it is effective in defending the tonicity of the superficial micro-circulation.
Helichrysum Extract
Anti-reddening and soothing action, it counteracts the ageing of the skin cells. It has an anti-oxidant action against UV rays.
Hydroxyethylrutoside (Troxerutin)
improves the tonicity of the superficial capillary network.
Without Parabens, allergens, alcohol, mineral oils

Instructions for use

Use morning and evening. Cleanse thoroughly, then spread a few drops of fluid over the entire face, concentrating on the reddened areas. Follow with your usual treatment. IT ALSO MAKES A PERFECT CALMING AFTERSUN DURING SUMMER. IDEAL FOR MALE SKIN AFTER SHAVING.


Glass bottle with white dropper and box
30 ml

2 colors printing

1 color printing

Glass bottle with silver dropper and box
30 ml

2 colors printing + hot foil

1 color printing