Detox shower foam

An energising, detoxifying shower foam based on natural, mild cleansing agents. Its innovative formula contains pure activated charcoal that, with its dermo-purifying action, frees the pores, leaving the skin fresh, reoxygenated and perfectly cleansed. It also performs a sebum-balancing action, helping to control sebum production in oily skin or those with acne, eczema and psoriasis. It turns into a soft, ultra-light foam on contact with water, gently cleansing without disrupting the hydrolipidic balance and physiological pH of the skin.

Bio, Body, Clean

For every type of skin

Active substances

Non aggressive surfactants
made from renewable plant-based raw materials.

environmentally-friendly and with excellent compatibility with the skin, they cleanse gently but effectively, with good foaming power.

natural sebum-balancing agent suitable for daily cleansing of even the most fragile skin. Due to its absorbing power, it acts as a regulator for oily complexions or those with acne, eczema or psoriasis, purifying the skin and deeply freeing the pores from impurities. It also performs a bactericidal action. It is especially recommended for tougher, less pure, male skins.
naturally present in human skin, it replenishes and protects the physiological lipid layer, avoiding dehydration and dryness in the skin.
derived from fermentation, it has a high capacity to bind water and hydrate the skin. It also forms a protective film on the skin and leaves a pleasant sensation of freshness.
a natural thickening ingredient that gives the formula moisturising properties and makes the foam soft and firm.
Olivo active water leaf extract
anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory action.

Instructions for use

Rub on the body when showering. Massage until it forms a soft foam. Suitable for daily or frequent use.


Transparent PET bottle with transparent pump
300 ml

4 colors printing