Delicate baby bath foam

An ultra-gentle preparation that cleanses the skin, leaving it soft and velvety. It does not interfere with the hydrolipidic film of the skin nor it causes dryness, which can lead to itching and irritation. The chamomile extract and aloe vera juice perform a moisturising and soothing action.

Baby, Body, Clean

For all skin types

Active substances

Aloe vera
moisture-replenishing, emollient, refreshing and decongestant properties.
Glycolic extract of chamomile
extracted from dried Chamomilla Recutita L.

flower heads, this extract is particularly suitable for reddened, delicate or sensitive skin; it has dermo-purifying, emollient, refreshing and soothing properties.

Natural glycerin
due to its high hygroscopic capacity, it performs a protective role, maintaining optimum moisturising activity in the epidermis.
Without Parabens, mineral oils, alcohol, SLES

Instructions for use

Pour a small amount into the bath water. Rinse with warm water after the bath.


Transparent PET bottle with transparent pump
300 ml

4 colors printing