Deep exfoliation facial scrub

Exfoliating cream with a rich and dense texture, it is suitable for a deep exfoliation. It contains jojoba-wax and silica beads that ensures a diversified exfoliating action: the former guarantee a deep cleansing, the latter promote the removal of dead skin cells and surface impurities, stimulating the natural cell regeneration. The skin will be soft, smooth and fresh.

Skin care, Face, Exfoliate

For mature and very dry skin

Active substances

Jojoba wax beads
they nremove impurities and dead cells with a gentle and deep exfoliating action.
Silica granulate
for a surface scrub action.
Without SLES, parabens, silicones alcohol and mineral oils

Instructions for use

Apply to face and neck with a gentle circular massage and rinse thoroughly with warm water. Once a week for dry skin; 2/3 times a week for normal and combination skin.


Frosted tube with white flip-top cap
150 ml

2 colors printing

Frosted tube with white flip-top cap + silver wire
150 ml

1 color printing + hot foil