Body cleansing oil

This extra-gentle formula is designed for daily cleansing of the most sensitive skin. Non-aggressive surfactants remove impurities efficiently without disrupting the balance in the skin. It is enriched with plant-based emollients to nourish the skin while cleansing, providing a softening effect on dry, irritated skin. Its soft, melting oil-gel texture turns into an extra-fine creamy lather, which cleanses and hydrates the skin.

Bio, Body, Clean

For every type of skin

Active substances

Non aggressive surfactants
made from renewable plant-based raw materials.

environmentally-friendly and with excellent compatibility with the skin, they cleanse gently but effectively, with good foaming power.

Texapon k 30
natural surfactant whose gentleness prevents irritation of the mucous membranes. Suitable for daily cleansing without harming the natural physiological defences.
natural raw material present in human skin, it replenishes and protects the physiological lipid layer, avoiding dehydration and dryness in the skin.
Plantasil micro
natural microemulsion containing small micelles of oil that gently condition and cleanse, adding softness and smoothness to the skin. The natural alternative to silicones.
Sodium lactate
natural moisturiser that reduces the irritation caused by surfactants on the skin.
Natural gluconic acid derivative
biodegradable substance obtained by means of a natural fermentation process. It provides hydration in the stratum corneum.
Olivo active water leaf extract
anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory action.

Instructions for use

During the shower or bath, apply the product on wet skin and massage gently until a light foam is formed. Rinse.


Transparent PET bottle with transparent pump
300 ml

4 colors printing