Beard and mustache moisturising oil

Specifically formulated to take care of beard and mustache, this special moisturising oil adds body and softens the hair, removing any knots and encouraging healthy growth. Dermo-purifying, sanitising rosemary oil eliminates even the most persistent odours that the beard often absorbs, giving it a fresh, delicate scent. Also designed for facial care, this product has a soothing, nourishing and invigorating action, giving relief and helping to avoid flaking of the skin. It can be used as a pre-shaving oil to facilitate the movement of the razor, or as an aftershave.

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Active substances

100% natural emollient mixture
it has softening and polishing properties that provide glossiness.
Argan Oil
reinvigorates, revitalises, fortifies, hydrates and makes the hair shinier.
Vitamin E
powerful antioxidant. Protective, anti-ageing action.
Rosemary extract
dermo-purifying action.
Without Parabens, silicones, mineral oils, peg

Instructions for use

Pour a few drops of oil onto the palm of your hand and gently smooth into the beard, working through to the ends. As a pre-shaving oil, use before shaving foam/ cream to ease the movement of the razor.


Transparent glass bottle with dispenser + black cap and box
30 ml

3 colors printing

1 color printing