Anti-age facial treatment spf 15

This anti-wrinkle photostable formulation contains UVA and UVB filters that protect the skin from solar radiation, one of the main factors responsible for skin ageing. Its delightful, delicate texture will leave you with a glowing, golden tan.

Sun care, Face, Body, Sun protection

For already tanned skins

Active substances

Purified Kalahari Watermelon Extract
coming from a desert fruit that grows in the most extreme conditions, this extract helps to protect the cutaneous DNA Vitamin E derivative
Anti-oxidant and nourishing UV Filters
Broad spectrum filters that offer effective defence, both against UVA and the UVB rays, responsible for photoaging and sunburns respectively.
Guar extract
A nourishing, protective polymer that helps to avoid dehydration and adds a touch of velvet to the preparation.
Without Parabens, alcohol, mineral oils

Instructions for use

To ensure the required level of protection, apply the product liberally on the face before exposure to the sun, spreading evenly to obtain a uniform, protective film.


White tube with white flip-top cap and box
50 ml

3 colors printing

3 colors printing