Anti-age face cream

This formulation is a dermo-restructuring cream suitable for stressed skin. With an antioxidant action, it prevents premature ageing of the skin and the formation of wrinkles, stimulating cell renewal. Fresh, light and soft, it is rapidly absorbed, leaving the skin supple and hydrated.

Man, Face, Moisturize

For all skin types

Active substances

Hyaluronic acid
a hydrophilic molecule able to retain water in igh quantity. Different molecular weights operate at different levels of the epidermis ensuring a plentiful supply of water, reducing the phenomenon of evaporation and promoting the physiological production of collagen, a protein that is indispensable for the tissues to maintain the turgidity and elasticity experienced in youth.
a natural component of the hydrolipidic film of the skin, it retains water due to its pronounced hygroscopic activity, nourishing the skin and giving it healthier appearance.
Mineral complex (zinc, copper and magnesium)
improves cellular vitality and oxygenation, stimulating cell renewal.
Vitamin E
Without Parabens, mineral oils, alcohol

Instructions for use

Apply daily on face and neck. Suitable for stressed skin, even after shaving.


Transparent frosted tube with black flip-top cap with seal and box
50 ml

3 colors printing

2 colors printing